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  • ABAC, Refrigerated Dryers for Compressed Air, Water Removal

ABAC, Refrigerated Dryers for Compressed Air, Water Removal

ABAC, Refrigerated Dryers for Compressed Air, Water Removal

ABAC Refrigerated Dryers for Compressed Air

ABAC provides refrigeration dryers to remove condensate and vapour so that dry, compressed air is produced in a continuous and cost-efficient way.

Today’s compressed air generation process is not only a matter of producing air: purity and cleanliness have become fundamental features. 

ABAC offers refrigeration dryers that remove condensate and vapor from compressed air, ensuring a continuous supply of dry, high-quality air. These dryers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industrial applications.

Key Benefits of ABAC Refrigerated Dryers

Continuous operation: Refrigerated dryers operate continuously, providing a consistent supply of dry compressed air.
Cost-efficiency: Refrigeration technology is a proven and efficient method for water removal, reducing the risk of downtime and equipment damage.
Wide range of applications: ABAC dryers are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries.
Why is Water Removal Important in Compressed Air Systems?

Water is a natural byproduct of the compression process and can cause significant problems in compressed air systems. Moisture can lead to corrosion, equipment malfunction, and the formation of ice, which can obstruct valves and filters.

ABAC's Commitment to Purity and Cleanliness

ABAC understands the importance of providing dry, pure compressed air for optimal performance and safety. Their refrigerant dryers are part of a comprehensive compressed air solution that includes air compressors, filters, and aftercoolers.


ABAC refrigeration dryers are a valuable tool for ensuring the quality of compressed air in industrial applications. By removing water, these dryers help to extend the life of equipment, improve production efficiency, and maintain safety standards.

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