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Breathing Filter Sets and Breathing Air Analysis

Breathing Filter Sets and Breathing Air Analysis

 Come over to Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR) technologies for your Breathing Air Analysis...

Fully compliant with National standards including BS EN12021 DEF STAN 68-284;
FTIR is by far the more accurate - published standard deviations of up to +/-30% for stain tubes results;
Provides single run analysis of over 300 contaminants - eliminating the "grey" areas of other contaminants and reduces the need for costly tube variations;
No need for an oil impactor or expensive O2 analyser to ensure that you are complying fully with standards;
FTIR provides a permanent record of your analysis which stain tubes fail to do;
There are no initial costs for our FTIR analysis and no shelf life as the sample equipment is sent to you as and when it is required for testing;
There is no risk of cross contamination;
No disposal costs as the sample vessel is returned to us;
We can test your air wherever you are - ensuring that no matter where you, your air will be tested by a known competent laboratory;
Provides a safe and satisfactory quality assurance of air purity.
As opposed to high pressure sampling bottles which require dedicated expensive transport, we have developed a failsafe, user friendly postal kit for the analysis of your Breathing Air.

Our light weight bottle is International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved.

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